Bride Special Facial 

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Bride Special Facial 


ONLY $175 for new clients "30% Off"


Hydradermie is an amazing treatment with an international reputation for providing visible and lasting results.


The Benefits


·         Deep cleansing

·         Deep hydration

·         Brightening

·         Controls oil secretion and blackheads

·         Calms sensitive skin

·         Oxygenates and increases radiance and glowing


The Secrets behind the Treatment



Ionization to maximize active ingredients

The light galvanic current allows active ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin for visible and lasting results.The treatment includes specific products for all types skin and skin conditions.


Oxygen charge to boost the cells

Micro-circulation is stimulated and oxygenation of the cells is improved, providing an antibacterial and antiseptic effect to heal the skin.


Lifting massage to enhance the complexion

A light pressure massage with smoothing movements helps to relax the face and promote a radiant glow.

Specific mask

The make up after this mask looks more beautiful and long laster than always. 




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