Mahla Morteza has been an Aesthetician since 1998. She loves skin care and making each patient and client feel their very best. It is her passion and pleasure to ensure the very best skin care analysis to each and every client. Mahla believes the best skin care regimen consists of a daily home care routine as well as professional skin care treatments from an aesthetician.Many people feel they have dry skin because of their skin care products or routine. What they need to understand is that dry skin is really from under-moisturizing and not applying the proper moisturizer. With Mahla's many years of experience she knows the correct skin care recommendations for essential skin care compliance. Home care along with a routine of daily cleansing, toning, serums and moisturizing will allow for a proper skin care result.She also teaches her clients about the importance of SPF, and the damage UV radiation can do on unprotected skin. Unprotected skin without sunscreen causes premature aging and advanced hyper pigmentation or brown spots on the skins surface. Without the proper skin care routine and recommendations clients do not realize the damage that is occurring. Mahla will assist the client in every skin care need to ensure the best outcome. A client does not have to spend extra time or money to look and feel their best, a few simple skin care changes will be provided an excellent source of renewed youth! Mahla looks forward to meeting you and working with you and your skin care needs.Mahla is here to assist the clients in every way possible through ensuring proper and efficient skin care. Why bother spending extra money and time when we could just apply a few simple skin care changes that will provide a completely renewed look!

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Mahla Morteza

  Certified Master Aesthetician